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Vapour Barriers: Alternatives to Polyethylene

We are often asked by clients, builders, and trades where is the poyethylene sheet vapour barrier in that wall assembly?   Links to two SAB Magazine blogs by Mike Reynolds, a former home builder, a LEED for Homes Green Rater and the editor of that provides a concise explanation of the alternatives and why polyethylene may not be the best choice, especially for high performance building envelopes.

Vapour Barrier Ideas - Try Mounting OSB on the Inside

Build a Poly Free House - Just Paint on Your Vapour Barrier


Air and vapour sealing on the inside face of the exterior wall.  A second 2x4 wall is provided for running building services to avoid penetrations in order to achieve incredibly low building envelope air changes.

Common use of OSB on the inside fce of the exterior wall in a 2 wall Passive House system.

Vapour Barrier Paint Primer

Vapour Barrier Paint Primer

Designing and Building with Bacteria Could be the Future of Architecture

It might not be long before we’re able to construct buildings with bacteria.  Biology, rather than machining, is now emerging as a leading contender to assemble our future environment.  Medicine and biofuels have tapped biology for mass production, but more robust materials for everyday life--roofs, beams, floor panels, car seats--are still the domain of factories.  Now the ability to redirect and engineer biological processes and then capture this understanding in computational models, means that cells could soon become our factories.  


Bacteria used to heal cracks in concrete:

Bacteria healing-concrete.jpg

You Too Can Create Renewable Energy

Every time someone walks over a Pavegen tile, renewable energy is harvested from the footstep. The technology converts the kinetic energy to electricity which can be stored and used for a variety of applications.  A tangible way for people to engage with renewable energy generation.

Can even track people's movement throughout a building.

Manufacturer Info

Video on how it works

Pavegen carpet 1.jpg
Pavegen carpet 2.jpg